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After simple step-by-step installation, you'll find a new printer on your computer. When printed on that printer, every data is stored in an XML file. You can choose where to store the files, which data to store, either text, bitmaps, vector data or any combination of them. Need further post-processing? No problem, it's only a matter of locating the executable.

XML Printer is a robust driver with many features:

  • Acts as a regular printer, but instead of printing on paper, it'll store all printed information to an XML file
  • Exports any information, i.e. if you can print the data - XML Printer can export the data
  • Exports texts, with lots of different attributes:
    • font face
    • font size
    • style (bold, italic)
    • position
    • extent
    • color
    • rotation angle
  • Exports images as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG file with position, width and height
  • Exports vector data, such as paths (filled or transparent), rectangles or lines with all important attributes (fill color, outline color, line width, raster operation)
  • Automate post-processing of the XML files, the driver is capable of running any executable with path to the XML file as parameter
  • Convert any printed XML file to PDF, recreating the source document
  • Reprint the document on a regular printer
  • Post the output to a webserver
  • Filter printed output to required fields only by any attribute you can think of (e.g. text position within specified range, font size, etc.)
  • Configurable chain of post processing steps
  • Easy-to-use configuration helps you set up the driver
  • Simple installation, which installs the drivers, adds a new printer and helps you with setting up the driver

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Latest news

XML Printer 3.6.2 released


Finally, after 1.5 years of waiting, we have released an update to XML Printer 3.6.

It has many reliability issues fixed, along with some new features. XML Printer still remains free for personal and non-commercial use.

Go ahead and download the new XML Printer today.

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